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Moonwalk Compilation


a new collection of our fresh team delivers an 8 tracker with different types of music. old and new artists are going to moon with you. check out the different styles and different personalities... the "old" crew of topper, coline, hansky+kleinschmidt, irradiation is being freshed up with new artists like audiodump from russia, geoff bell from berlin, ipi from cologne and la sash from munich. multicultural sounds on one single compilation!

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  • 01 Geoff Bell - Gernot Fourg
  • 02 Irradiation - Restless Girl
  • 03 La Sash - It's Friday
  • 04 Hansky + Kleinschmidt - Ruben Baraja
  • 05 Topper - Bob
  • 06 Coline - Mission Unknown
  • 07 Ipi - Dauerwelle
  • 08 Audiodump - Gothem Girl
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All tracks written and produced by various artists in 2008 for MIRmusic Rec.

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