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Q.Kontinuum EP


ynk, one of the youngest guys in the MIRmusic family comes along with an amazing 3 tracker. full of techno energy and tested in his live-act in front of the freaky crowd, the 3 tracks are made of steel. the remixes from ipi (cologne, germany), krlox (rosario, argentina) and hansky+kleinschmidt (munich+berlin, germany) bring along some more different tunes. so check out the pumpin and groovy tracks for free.

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  • 01 YNK - Aktionspotential
  • 02 YNK - Plasmaleck
  • 03 YNK - Q.Kontinuum
  • 04 YNK - Q.Kontinuum (Krlox Trippy Trip Remix)
  • 05 YNK - Q.Kontinuum (Ipi Remix)
  • 06 YNK - Q.Kontinuum (Hansky + Kleinschmidt Remix)
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All tracks written & produced by Yannick Hofmann in 2007 for MIRmusic Rec.

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