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Garmonbozia EP


TOPPER from turin, italy, now living in berlin, germany brings a hot killer release on this MIRmusic-004. The 6-tracker is a well done trip through percussions and drums and more weird sounds, created by this guy. Watch out for the next productions of this young talented italian freak.

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  • 01 Topper - Nunzibus
  • 02 Topper - Slimcake
  • 03 Topper - Paris-Skopje
  • 04 Topper - Salvatore Premium
  • 05 Topper - Lopand
  • 06 Topper - Lopand (YNK Remix)
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All tracks written & produced by Matteo Taberna in 2007 for MIRmusic Rec.

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