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Influenced by the band "Kraftwerk" ynk (Yannick Hofmann) started experimenting with his "Casio keyboard" when he was in elementary school. He recorded his first music tape in 1996 with his small cassette recorder. The tape contained pieces of minimalistic electronica and his own vocals. Frustrated after a local radio station denied to play his tape on air, he changed his musical direction. He got in touch with oldschool rap-records, for example Run DMC. When he was eleven years old he started to use the digital sequencing software "Cubase", experimented with it andstarted producing music when he was twelve. Influenced by the dj-sets of Sven Vaeth at the age of fifteen he developed strong interest in techno music. He invested in turntables and started to collect records. At the same time he started to buy electronic equipment to professionally produce electronic music. When he is not busy in school working for his graduation, he spends most of his time with producing music, creating new sounds and developing his own style far away from commercialized electronic music. By now ynk is a producer, dj, liveact and remixer.