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Cover: Tobi Kleinschmidt

Tobi Kleinschmidt

Tobias Kleinschmidt was born 1979 in munich as a son of a bass-guitar-player. Early in the 90s he began to play e-piano for nearly 7 years. That was the starting point of teaching rythm to himself. After many years the interest to electronic music was in high gear. So he decided to buy 2 turntables and a small mixer. Tobias tramped several years though bavaria to inspire people with his individual deejay-sets. In 2003 he decidedto graduate the Audio Engineering Diploma to get more practice in creating own track. The thought was to exposure to music. And it worked... As soon as he had the neccessary money in the pocket he started from scratch to arrange a studio. In the meantime he has a complete project studio with several synthesizers, effects and other outboard equipment. The first releases are done and you can be all on edge for the next ones...