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Cover: Rio Padice

Rio Padice

A versatile artist born in 1983, in Naples. Besides being a music producer he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, specializing in scenic design. In 2006 he buys enough equipment to set up his own little home studio, solely to produce music that he intends to play in his live set. His style during those first years was influenced by the electronic Neapoletan sound, so much so that he collaborated with a Neapoletan label called Mosaiko Music. Then he had a chance to release his music on a London label, Metroline Limited which greatly contributed to his artistic growth and to his move over into deeper sounds. During the same year he started working with Exprezoo, anindependent Italian label, which he still produces music for, and then there was the "Horacio" project with another Neapoletan artist - Massimo di Lena - their works were released on 2 famous labels, Raum Musik and Cynosure. 2010 saw the culmination of the search for the sound he'd been looking for, a search that started with the first vinyl on Metroline, a sound devoted to the old 80s/90s school and produced using the analogic vintage synthesisers and drum machines of those years. He has had releases on famous European labels like Hudd Traxx, Tsuba, Bass Culture, Claque Musique and Morris Audio, which have earned him a considerable following in lovers of house music.