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Minya was born in 1982 and grew up in munich. He learned to play the guitar and with enthusiasm in music he detected electronic music in 1997. He completed his apprenticeship as a tradesman in audio-visual media and met the munich underground collective for ialternatively party reportingi. Together they founded radio bleimantel cooperating the harry klein in munich. Since one Year, Bleimantel run over to radio spiel-trieb, and the the association for electronic music culture was established. Spiel-trieb offers a 7 day radio station with world wide transmission on the internet, booking and an event agency. Every evening one of the studios in Berlin, Bauzen, Stockholm or Spain is transmitting the radio Live Broadcast. In four years ofactive music love, as a DJ, event host and radio carrier, Minya had every possibility to permute all of his euphoria and delight in electronic music. Meanwhile, his studio has been extended adequate and has been used as a radio station with a lot of considerable artists like SmashTV (BPitch), Acid Pauli Live & FC Shuttle (Console B‰nd Weilheim), Jay Denham (inspiration network), Jojo Hofmockel (Cleansuite), Ana, Julietta, Tini (Harry Klein), Martin Martiske (Gigolo) and others! Since last year, minya is sitting more and more in his studio, spending time producing. In Summer 2007 Jens Hansky and minya founded MIRmusic Records as a non-commercial label for electronic music. MIRmusic is the next step straight into a life of music.