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Cover: HNSY aka Jens Hansky

HNSY aka Jens Hansky

His style of playing music people describe with the words "organic", "sensual", "trippy" or just "hot". Music is for him a matter close to his heart. With his move to munich in 2003 he teamed up with some friends and founded an association - spiel-trieb - to throw parties and broadcast an early evening programme for the munich based harry klein club. He rana show with several guest djs, newcomer and well known icons. In 2007 he started his own netlabel "MIRmusic" with his friend markus königsbauer. MIRmusic publishes monthly releases and podcasts. After his time in munich city he moved to the near of dresden for his study and some new projects. Jens is always good for a new surprise, so be curious...