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Cover: Geoff Bell

Geoff Bell

this must be the best way to identify geoff bell aka anneke laurent.. a game what you start must be find an end. inviolately nothing.. insular in no in & outputs of the szene around him he makes his own attempt in the age of 16. a hard way hes wrapping - unaware where the journey goes with him.. his first stop was berlin, where he makes his own events and co-operations with friends. but this was not the way how wants geoff bell to walk.. he wants to investigate in electronicmusic to make his own experience in producing. he ask himself, what is the norm to tie up to.. but he says NO! and makes his own way of a mixing from dub to experimental. this is reflected in the co-operation with jano brooks (pie_pentenol) or in his own facet, glénn luo, the first live project of himself. the latest releases are among other things on MIRmusic, auflegware, mini*modern and his own label co-operation with his friend and co-founder custom tea.