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Digitalborder, raised in the east of saxony, started his dj-career in the end of the 1990s. Private parties and home parties were the first venues he played as a young guy. Because there was no real party for electronic music in his region, he and his friends Andreas Thomas and Jens Hansky decided to throw their own parties and started a crew of locals for meeting each other and making music. At first, Digitalborder was a hard techno guy, who was fascinated by the energy of techno. Today he delivers dj sets with awide spectrum of electronic music. Techno, techhouse, house and even really deep sounds are a trademark of his livegigs. Teaming up with Andreas Thomas, he is one part of Faderfukers from his early days until today. Producing music is another passion of Digitalborder. He is producing music since 2007 and is inspired by his feelings, clubs and even concerts and bands, never dealing with electronic music at all. He is part of the MIRmusic family from the beginning of the label and coined this label all the time.