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Cover: Coline


Coline started to play at partys and clubs in 2001. Her feeling for contemporary electronic sound was deep. Amazing that two vinyl players can change your life over night. Coline's journey through the new dance world began in the middle of the 90s. School of Frankfurt and Berlin plays a big part on her way until today.10 years now DJing, played in many clubs and at festivals in Germany, supported all the great acts like Sven Vaeth, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Dinky, Electric Indigo, Tobi Neumann, Andre Galluzzi and many more. Coline also conquered the heart of international scene freaks while playing gigs in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium, next spots follow soon. Her style let describe as best as a smart mixture of techno, deep sound and tech house - spaced out, hypnotic, funky andexperimental! Very special are her afterhour sets, with deep feelings infinite towards the sun. The last years Coline was creating her part for a powerful electronic culture. She worked for a radio and tv station, moved to Berlin to work in a vinyl store and for a small label, played there her first gigs at the legendary old Casino club, next she opened "Coline music office", that is the centre for her creative work until today. In 2007 Coline won the ladys DJ contest at Fuse Club Brussels, a big step and inspiration to go on. Coline events were born with special guests like D.Diggler, Marcus Meinhardt, Tobi Neumann, Daniel Stefanik and many be continued. At the moment Coline works on her first EP coming out on vinyl on Robot Ranch Records, her home label in Dresden. A special remix will be on it too!