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Constantine aka Audiodump was born in 1989 in Russia in a small town near the lake Baikal named Ulan-Ude. From early childhood music for him was something extraordinary and interesting. At the age of 5, old fathers records of Led Zeppelin and etc., gave a lot of new and remained in a litlle boy's memory. Expanidng a music taste, since 7 years he has acquainted with eletronic music. With years his musical preference was given moreand more to the deep sound. "After that music for me became not just one of the hobbies, it becaeme ability to feel the reality in another way, giving a huge charge of positive. Music like a dream. When you sleep, nothing can disturb to feelin..." Then, a 5 years later one of his friends by chance has brought the programm for music writing, so this was the beginning of his development, allowing to express his inner world.