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Cover: Andreas Thomas

Andreas Thomas

Growing up in the east of Saxony, Andreas found his way to the electronic music scene, by organizing parties at the end of the 90s. Inspired completely by this whole music scene he was promoting, he started playing deep house and techno himself on those same events. By and by Andreas Thomas shaped his own unique fusion of these two styles, described today as "raw but natural", and all in all, a straight hard fusion and style incorporating the essence of these two different kinds of house music. "I try to createa sound and a set, that you don't hear every weekend!" As a solo artist and one member of the project "The Faderfukers" aka Andreas Thomas & Digital Border he has consolidated his position as a player to watch in Germanys flourishing eastern techno scene and berlins clubs. His productions are modern techno tracks reduced to a minimum of elements - aka minimal of the finest sort. These tracks are built upon his hallmark of hypnotizing melodic fragments coupled with short looped synthesizer sequences.